Do I need pageant experience to participate in Miss PunjabanUSA or Mrs. Punjaban USA (Pageants)?

No prior experience is needed. We will provide each selected candidate with the information and tools necessary to do well. We are looking for girls and ladies with true Punjaban spirit, charm and confidence and who have the ability to represent themselves with high esteem. The management has the sole discretion in selecting the candidates for the Pageant.

Are there any height/weight/size restrictions?

No, there are no height, weight, size restrictions. We believe in showcasing your complete personality and charm.

Is there a separate fee for the workshops?

No, our expert workshops are offered free. You only pay the registration fee.

Do I need to wear an Evening gown?

Yes, there is a round where you will be required to wear an Evening gown. In all, there will be five (5) wardrobe changes. You are free to get your own gown and dresses, we can always recommend and help with that as well. To see what Evening gowns look like:

Would there be enough time between the rounds for change of clothes?

Yes, you will have sufficient time for the change of clothes. You will also be provided dedicated areas for change in the green room

Do I need to get my own make-up and hair done?

Yes, you have to get your own make-up and hair. We can recommend make-up and hairstyling experts but you pay on your own.

Would you provide hotel accommodation?

We do not provide hotel accommodation. We can provide you with the list of recommended hotels close to the venue. Typically, the special hotel room rate is $149 per night double occupancy with breakfasts.

What should be the duration of the video for showing our talent?

The talent video will be an HD video shot by us and will not be more than 3 minutes per contestant. Preferably within 2 minutes to 2.5 minutes.

Which are the awards given to contestants?

Our Pageants have many awards for the contestants. Here is a list of the awards you can win:
TITLES TO WIN: Main Titles: Miss Punjaban USA Mrs. PunjabanUSA Subsequent Titles to win: Miss Punjaban USA - 1st Runner Up Miss Punjaban USA - 2nd Runner Up Mrs. Punjaban USA - 1st Runner Up Mrs. Punjaban USA - 2nd Runner Up Other Important titles to win: 1. Ms. Beautiful Hair 2. Ms. Congeniality 3. Ms. Traditional - Best in Traditional outfit 4. Ms. Beautiful Smile 5. Ms. Beautiful Eyes 6. Ms. Traditional Dancer - Best traditional Dancer 7. Ms. Beautiful Skin 8. Ms. People's Choice 9. Ms. Photogenic

What are the prizes?

The Main Title winners will get:
$1000 each Air Ticket to India $600 worth Spa Packages $600 Gift Vouchers And many more surprise gifts. All other winners will receive multiple Gifts and Vouchers.