100 meatballs
Choice of bbq, burgundy, sweet and sour,
Italian, or Swedish

Vegetable Tray
serves 25 people
An assortment of neatly arranged vegetables

Fruit Tray
serves 25 people
Consists of four or five seasonal fruits

Cheese and Crackers
serves 25 people
Natural swiss, cheddar, pepperjack, and American with assorted crackers

Serves 50 people
Choose from buffalo, terriyaki, breaded, spicy BBQ or a combination

BBQ Riblets
Serves 25 people
Pork ribs in our original Ed & R's BBQ sauce

Pork Egg Rolls
25 pieces
Served with sweet and sour sauce

Crab Wontons
25 pieces
Crab and cream cheese stuffed wontons served with sweet and sour sauce

Bacon Wrapped Green Olives
50 pieces
Mixed Nuts
3 1/2 pounds

Kettle Chips
3 pounds

3 pounds
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